Roadmap to improve and ensure good indoor ventilation in the context of COVID-19

The recent pandemic caused by the worldwide spread of Covid-19 has brought to light fragility regarding the management and construction of ventilation systems, which have always been underestimated or considered marginal.   Based upon this consideration the World Health Organization (WHO) has decided to define a roadmap to intervene on the key questions users should … Read more

BIM of Tecnica’s products

BIM is a representation of a product used to improve the efficiency of the building process, reducing waste during construction and to improve the quality and the effectiveness of the buildings. In addition to geometrical information, they also include comprehensive technical characteristics of the real product. BIM objects are used to populate the BIM model. … Read more

Marine equipment directive-MED


MED Directive 2014/90/EU (and further updates) concerns all the equipment and the materials intended to be used on board the marine ships (warships excluded). It refers either to radio communication and navigation equipment, interior fitting materials for ships, or equipment for fire protection. The main purpose of the European directive on maritime equipment (MED) is:– … Read more

Presentation of new catalogs

In continuing the development activities of its products and with the achievement of the “GREEN” certification, TECNICA presents the new complete and updated catalogs with all the latest developments and successes obtained.



  TECNICA ™ is the first manufacturer of flexible pipes, diffusers and filters for air conditioning and ventilation to have implemented the specific positioning of its products with respect to the main international sustainability ratings in construction: LEED®, WELL ™ and BREEAM®.