Sanitizing and deodorising building air-conditioning systems (Indoor Air Quality) is an ambitious project that sees the involvement of TECNICA with a working Team of researchers, workers and testers whose common goal is to provide the market with the very best performance standards . TECNICA with its three product lines, MasterSan™, FiltraSan™ and PlenuSan™ presents itself as a single partner for anyone addressing the topic of Sanitizing and Deodorizing, providing as it does a complete range of Distribution, Diffusion and Filtration products for air-conditioning and heating systems. We can speak of outstanding results in terms of abatement of microbes and moulds, the first big defeat for the “enemies” of the system.


001 - SA10-ESP

MasterSan ™ is a new line of patented air-conditioning ducts with high performance for antimicrobial and antifungal air sanitation.


005 - KAF200

FiltraSan™ by TECNICA is the new frontier for air filtering in air-conditioning plants.


001 - PS01L mod

PlenuSan™ by TECNICA is the new plenum for air distribution/diffusion in conditioning systems