FiltraSan™ by TECNICA is the new frontier for air filtering in air-conditioning plants. This is a new fibre made in conjunction with Sanitized® developed by TECNICA for a new line of airfiltering products.
With FiltraSan™ hazardous particles transported by the air inside air-conditioning plants are STOPPED. Dust mites, mildews, bacteria, micro organisms and pollens, all sources of disease for human beings, are trapped by the special FiltraSan™ fibre used to make the new filtering media.
Yet another step forward by TECNICA towards the efficiency of indoor air quality systems, with prevention measures and products which, without giving off chemical compounds harmful for human health, help sanitize plants.

FiltraSan™ is the new revolutionary fibre for filtering media which traps and abates microorganisms. Besides normal filtering action it also sanitizes and prevents the spreading of particles which are hazardous for the health inside the air-conditioning plant for the entire life cycle of the filter.
For new plants and maintenance jobs, prefer FiltraSan™ filters by TECNICA.