Ventilation is the intermediate stage which ensures the air flow planned in the air-conditioning plant. After the primary channel, to reach the exact diffusion point, an extensive network of flexible hoses performs a meticulous distribution job. Depending on dimensional, insulation, non-toxicity and sanitization requirements, the range of TECNICA flexible hoses manages to provide designers and installers with high standards of efficiency as regards what is commonly called Indoor Air Quality. This term integrates all the well-being requirements, in terms of quality and quantity, which a person should find within a confined space in which to live, work or spend leisure time.



Diffusion is another one of those details which cannot be considered secondary if we want an airconditioning system which is efficient and at the service of the inhabitants of any, living, working or business premises. More than twenty-five diffuser models, with various functions, settings and geometries have been carefully designed and made by TECNICA according to logics that respond to a plant engineering efficiency project which the Emilia company has been developing for years. Today, the requirements of buildings, considered as technological machines, have increased and, thanks to our diffuser lines, the requirements of designers, installers and users can be fully catered to in terms of completeness and high reliability.



Filtration is a crucial process for the correct operation of an airconditioning plant. It ensures, in a continuative way, both the well-being of people in a healthy and contamination-free environment, and the correct operation of the plant itself. TECNICA has addressed the problem for some time, producing a broad range of filters able to satisfy many different application requirements. Company production is split into coarse and fine powder filters for trapping atmospheric air contamination in ventilation and airconditioning plants and in chemical engineering. Together with adsorbing filters for air purification and various spare parts and accessories, the line is also complete for future plant maintenance programmes.

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