About Us


TECNICA is innovation and efficiency at the service of Indoor Air Quality. Over twenty-five years of experience and know-how with the aim of upgrading the quality of life with good air distribution in workplaces and shops, and the application of industrial manufacturing solutions where the need exists to introduce or extract air. A universe today extremely topical which has to address regulations and which involves customers, designers, manufacturers and plant engineers in an integrated way. We are talking about Distribution, Diffusion and Filtration.



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TECNICA dedicates resources to researching and developing innovative products and to sustainability in new-generation buildings. Indoor Air Quality efficiency means attention for the well-being of human beings in confined spaces.

  • Raw and semi-finished materials made using synthesis processes which assist human beings and the environment along a virtuous and sustainable path (friendly chemistry)
  • Constant quest for the very best quality of materials in conformity with standards and without any negative impact on the environment and its resources (sustainability)
  • Recyclable raw materials and semi-finished products, designed for a life cycle which pollutes to an increasingly less extent (recyclability)
  • Patented materials able to reduce bacterial, microbial and fungal loads in the ducts of air-conditioning plants (sanitization)
  • Non-toxic patented mixes which in combustion conditions do not emit lethal substances into the air (no toxicity)
  • Solutions to improve performance and help reduce energy consumption (energy efficiency)

25 years of records, upshot of ongoing and intensive Research &Development activities which distinguish Tecnica’s production path